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About the Coach

The coach – Jean Mc

Jean Mc has been a Lawn Bowls Coach for many years.

Jean Mc loves coaching new bowlers at her club Weston Creek Bowling Club in Australia’s capital city Canberra.  Jean plays bowls regularly with her husband Malcolm.  Whenever Jean Mc and Malcolm travel they always take their bowls with them.  They’ve played at many bowling clubs around Australia.

When Jean Mc and Malcolm retire they have a dream to travel Australia and the world playing Lawn Bowls.

The eLearning Modules

Jean Mc has been a trainer for most of her working life.  She decided to develop the twelve eLearning modules because she wanted to supplement her club coaching sessions with some theory.

Jean says: “Over some years, people will learn the theory of the game of Bowls from other bowlers.  I wanted to bring that forward and help people build the skill and knowledge they need to be great bowlers from the day they start.  “Jean’s Lawn Bowls students said: “Jean, you really need to share these lessons with other new bowlers”.  So she did.

Learn lawn bowls - do e-Learning
Image of a man playing lawn bowls on a green

We love Lawn Bowls

Of course it would be great if you can get a club coach! 

These modules plus help from a Bowls coach will place you in good stead to be a great lawn bowler.  We hope to see you somewhere soon on the bowling green.

PS:  If you have any ideas for more eLearning modules you’d like to see – drop us a line.  We’ll do our best to accommodate you!