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“Welcome from the Lawn Bowls Coach.”

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Learn Lawn Bowls
This site is a place where you can learn all about playing the game of Lawn Bowls.

There are 12 e-Learning modules you can do that cover everything you will need to know to get started in Bowls. 

There are also some tips to help you improve your game and correct improper delivery.

Get a Lawn Bowls coach

This website covers the knowledge you need to be able to bowl well.

These courses wil give you a great start.  Of course you will need a club coach to show you how to bowl and help you improve your technique.

Most clubs will have a coach that can help you get started.  Lessons are often free.  Ask about coaching at your local bowling club.

This site and your coach will start you on your journey to being a great lawn bowler.

Your subscription

Our introductory module “Lawn Bowls – The Basics” is free for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of the game.

The Basics module explains the main aspects of lawn bowls.  It goes over what’s covered in the other modules.

To access the other 11 modules you’ll need to pay a small annual subscription of $AU 25.  This is to cover our costs in making the modules available.  As a member you can come back and do the modules as often as you wish.

We accept payment through Paypal.

Improve your game

Go to our Coaching Tips page for some hints on how to improve your game.

Once you’ve mastered the game and start to play in competitions, you can go to our sister site “Your Lawn Bowls Statistics” to learn how to collect your Bowls statistics and see reports about your game.

Happy Lawn Bowling!


Learn lawn bowls - man playing bowls